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1inch Network

The 1inch Foundation has made a decision to compensate gas costs to the 1inch DEX aggregator’s users.

The 1inch team is thrilled to announce that on September 1, 2021, the 1inch Foundation will begin the distribution of 10 mln 1INCH tokens as gas consumption refund to users who will stake 1INCH through the 1inch dApp. Initially, the idea of such a gas refund program was proposed by the 1inch community members through the 1inch Network’s governance forum.

The spent gas amount will be refunded in 1INCH tokens on the first day of each subsequent month. The first refund distribution for…

The Simple Mode swap interface will enable users to exchange crypto assets in a more user-friendly way.

In a bid to make users’ experience even greater, the 1inch Network is glad to announce the release of a new swap UI — the Simple Mode for the 1inch dApp.

As DeFi projects gain momentum and Mark Cuban predicts that DeFi has a great potential to explode, the monthly volume of decentralized exchanges skyrocketed from just $39.5 million in January 2019 to $85 billion in May 2021. And this fact sounds impressive.

Today, we will discuss this new trend – DeFi and one of the most promising areas of its development – loans. Let’s take a closer look.

The program aims to foster growth and expansion of the 1inch Network and incentivize developers to build on 1inch protocols.

Lately, 1inch tech has been developing rapidly, and so has been the case with the DeFi space in general. There are numerous opportunities for building solutions on top of 1inch protocols, and the 1inch Foundation is happy to announce a grant program that will stimulate growth of the 1inch ecosystem and the DeFi industry at large.

Over the coming 12 months, a worth of $3 mln in 1INCH tokens will be distributed to developer teams and individual developers under the…

Another post in a series focused on the 1inch Network’s advantages highlights the versatility and flexibility of 1inch protocols.

As the DeFi space develops rapidly, new concepts and potential implementations arrive quite often. Therefore, versatility and flexibility are vital as they facilitate the use of protocols for a wide range of tasks.

The 1inch Aggregation Protocol can be the basis for a variety of DEX aggregation systems. 1inch’s Pathfinder, an aggregation information service from the 1inch Network that finds the best trading paths across multiple markets, taking gas costs into account, is just one example of a solution implemented on…

ICHI’s Decentralized Monetary Authority (DMA) protocol enables the creation of one1INCH, an in-house stablecoin for easier payments and more lucrative rewards.

The 1inch Network is happy to collaborate with ICHI, a protocol for creating the world’s first Decentralized Monetary Authorities (DMAs), in launching a new in-house stablecoin for the 1inch community — one1INCH. This stablecoin will provide a reliable form of payment for DeFi transactions and enable to offer better incentives and rewards to 1inch stakers and liquidity providers.

The one1INCH stablecoin can be used as a stable unit of exchange:

  • to pay operating expenses;
  • to provide liquidity;
  • to distribute…

The move will facilitate active community participation in improving 1inch protocols by establishing a straightforward and transparent process for considering and adopting proposals.

The DeFi is built by the entire community, not by individual projects. And the 1inch Foundation has always acknowledged that the involvement of developers and regular users in improving protocols is vital.

Back in December 2020, the 1inch instant governance was launched, enabling 1INCH token stakers to vote for protocol parameters. For more information about instant governance, see this post.

Now it is time to take it up a notch, complementing instant governance with the 1inch Network…

Here is another post in a series explaining the 1inch Network’s advantages that is focused on the security of the 1inch Aggregation Protocol.

Swapping crypto assets on decentralized exchanges (DEXes) entails security risks, as protection models vary across DEXes, and some of them have vulnerabilities. Basically, some DEXes are not sufficiently protected and haven’t been properly audited.

Repeated transaction approvals on DEXes that don’t offer a high level of security could lead to a loss of user funds. But if a user approves tokens on 1inch, they won’t have to worry that approved funds could be lost.

Overall, the protection…

1INCH will be among leading DeFi tokens, for which Sygnum offers institutional-grade custody and regulated trading.

As the 1inch Network moves to offer its solutions to a wider range of users, its 1INCH governance and utility token is now also available at Swiss bank Sygnum.

At the initial stage, Sygnum clients will be able to invest directly in several DeFi tokens, including 1INCH, and access a full suite of banking services, such as institutional-grade custody, transfer and trading services. …

The innovative protocol will replace a legacy solution from 0x in the 1inch dApp, offering users much more efficient and flexible limit order swap opportunities.

The 1inch Network is thrilled to release a unique, innovative solution — the 1inch Limit Order Protocol. The limit order feature enables users to buy or sell crypto assets at a specific price. A limit order option has been available in the 1inch dApp for a while, but, until recently, it was based on the 0x protocol.

Now, it has been replaced with the much more efficient 1inch Limit Order Protocol.

The 1inch Limit Order…

1inch Network

A distributed network for decentralized protocols enabling the most lucrative, fastest and protected operations in DeFi.

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